SUPERIOR 30mm Focal Length M12 Mount Cone Pinhole Board Lens for CCTV Security Cameras

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Specification: M12 Board Mount, 1" Image Format, Aperture f/1.6, 30mm Focal Length, View Angle 10 Degrees

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This listing is for one CONE Pinhole Lens for CCTV Cameras and covert surveillance. These lenses are ideal for use where space is an issue due to their short physical length. M12 Mount Focal Length: 30mm Aperture: F/1.6 Diagonal Field: 10 Deg @ 1″ Dimensions: 25.60mm (L) x 12mm (D) Image Format: 1″ M.O.D. 0.3m, M12 x P0.5 CONE Pinhole Lenses are used for Digital Photography, TV Telephones, Video Conferencing, Covert Surveillance, Barcode Scanning, Medical Systems, Machine Vision & Relay Systems.


  • M12 Board Mount
  • 1″ Image Format
  • Aperture: f/1.6
  • 30mm Focal Length
  • View Angle: 10 Degrees
Resolution10 Megapixel
Image Format1/2.3″ (MT9J003)
Focal Length 7.2mm
Angle of View (°)

D X H X V (°)


D 57°
H 47°
V 37°
Optical Distortion (TV)1.5%
M.O.D.0.3m(from front vertex)
Effective ApertureFrontØ13.3mm
Back Focal Length7.23mm(in air)
Mechanical Back Focal Length6.23mm
Total Track Length32.37mm


Lens Construction10 Components + 8 Glasses
IR CorrectionYes
DimensionØ19 × 26.14mm
WeightApprox. 6g
Operating temperature-20℃~+60℃

Lens for Ribcage Hero3/3+, Hero4, H5M12, H5M12 + Super Suit, H5PRO and YI 4K Modified Camera

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