Vision Intelligence

Based on long term experiences in the imaging field, we can provide our vision products with consulting service for enhancing      your applications. Superior distributes and develops components and system for 2D/3D image acquisition and processing in the industrial and scientific applications. Intelligent image processing technologies increasingly permit implementation of new data acquisition methods and more efficient work process design in the fields of industrial production,  medicine and  research as well as safety engineering.

With robust and high performance algorithm, our 3D Vision products can produce 3D data at very high speed. All of our products are optimized for the high demands of modern industry and enhanced with built-in features to secure compatibility with a wide range of applications.


Multi-Camera system
Novitec offers the flexible synchronized multiple camera grabbing system. From 2ea ~ 64ea Cameras can be synchronized for image capturing and streaming data save in PC storage at real time. By the number of cameras needed to grab and data throughput of each camera, the internal structure of multiple camera grabbing system – how many PCs and HDD/SSD configuration – could be changed.


High speed image capturing & real-time saving system
High speed cameras can record the details of fast mechanical movements and play it back in slow motion. A common problem in today’s fast production systems is maintaining the desired throughput and cadence levels with a minimum of downtime. Not only saving the images but analysis through the PC software, we can examine every images that people can’t do and understand the phenomenons more deeply.


Large Area 3D optical Tracker
Based on Stereo Vision Camera technology, by extracting the center of target image from each camera, we can measure and track the 3d position of target. This technology can be used for bio-medical application and Heavy industry such as Automobile and Shipbuilding process. Novitec’s Large Area 3D optical tracking technology can be easily expand the covering area by increasing the number of Stereo Vision station.


Customized 3D Scanning Module
Novitec has lots of experiences on the Laser triangulation method – variation of Laser Band, using a LED source as slit beam generator, various CMOS sensors, Line beam center finding algorithms, and etc. Based on customers’ application, we can offer the customized 3D configuration and related software for 3D acquisition and calibration.


Special Optic system design
Normal vision inspection systems are made up of Light, Lens, Imager(Camera) and PC(Image Processing). Almost all inspection case could be solved with standard vision configuration. In case of the complex and delicate objects, it is needed to adopt the modified configuration and customized components for making the special conditions. Novitec provides the special vision configuration and customized imaging components for better and reliable optical inspection.