SUPERIOR SPV12120MC3MP118BF 1/1.8″ 12-120mm F1.8 Manual Iris C-mount Lens, 3 Megapixel Rated


Focal Length 12-120mm, 1/1.8 inch Format Sensor, Aperture F1.8, Manual Iirs, C-Mount, Metal Body

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Superior SPV12120MC3MP118BF 1/1.8″ f/1.8 C Mount 12-120mm Manual Iris Lens by SuperiorCCTV is a perfect match for a high performance camera. It incorporates an advanced optics system to ensure excellent corner-to-corner sharpness and superb light conductivity. Its iris and focus can be manually adjusted to achieve a sharp and properly exposed image. As with a camera, it also features an ultra compact design which adds minimally to the camera’s overall length. Superior SPV12120MC3MP118BF – High-resolution design, providing support for up to 3 megapixel camera resolution. Wide-aperture (F1.8) design achieves clear images under low light intensity, despite the long focal distance. Enhanced image recognition accuracy achieved by reduction of distortion and improvement of illumination uniformity. Robust enclosure resistant to vibrations and shocks. Equipped with locking knobs for the iris and the focus.

The Superior SPV12120MC3MP118BF is a 1/1.8 inch format CCTV security camera lens with a manual iris and metal body. This CCTV lens utilizes a C mount system and has a vari-focal length of 12-120mm.

*up to 3 Megapixel Locking screws for iris and focus
*Metal mount Metal housing

Resolution3 Megapixel
Image Format1/1.8″
Focal Length 12-120mm
Angle of View (°)

D X H X V (°)


Optical Distortion (TV)/
M.O.D.2.0m(from front vertex)
Flange Back Focal Length17.53mm
Optical Back Focal Length/


IR CorrectionNo
StructureAluminium alloy + 14G
DimensionØ46 × 93mm
WeightApprox. 238g
Operating temperature-20℃~+60℃

Focal Length 12-120mm, 1/1.8 inch Sensor, f/1.8 , C-Mount

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